Monday, November 3, 2008

Warmest Halloween Ever!!

The kids are all ready to go trick or treating. Gotta run inside and get the buckets. It was very warm. We started at 5:30pm and didn't get back home until 8pm.

Bridger was Batman, and loved the whole night. I think his bucket was the fullest when we got home.

Sammy was our cow. He first wanted to be Spiderman, then I talked him into a tiger, but we couldn't find any fabric, so he decided to be a cow and stuck to it. I made this costume 2 years ago for Bridger, so I was glad it fit him.

McKenna was the cutest clown that night. She would never let me try it on her when I was making it, but once her brothers were dressed up, she was not about to be left out. She even had a dot of face paint on her nose like them. After the first couple of houses she knew what to do and would go in with a claw for treats. She had half of hers eaten by the time we got home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oler Reunion

We spent the last week of July at the Oler Family Reunion. It was held in Clayton, ID at the May Family Ranch. The largest attraction was the 200 foot water slide. To gain more speed you kept your arms in and if you were really brave, you would lay down.
Many folks got creative, well actually only the Welker brothers. This is Dave, Glade, NAte stacked on top of each other with Bridger on the very top. Glade was opposed to this, due to the fact that his swim trunks were slightly too large. He has a hold of them on their way down.
Then they tried sitting all together. This helped Glade's swim trunk issue, but they didn't stay together very well.

And finally Nate was able to talk me into riding down on his back. That was both crazy and scary, but also fun. Sam made it down the slide once or twice, but Bridger would run up the hill and went down the most. He still talks about it today. He would love to go back.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fish Themselves

The boys had swim lessons this summer and loved every minute.

They certainly were fish themselves!!

We went several times as a family and even McKenna was a fish. I had a hard time keeping her out of the water during their lessons.

Summer Time Fishing

With Blacksmith Fork River out our back door, a favorite pass time of NAte's is fishing with his brother. Bridger and Sam get to go at times and this is what they caught when they went.
Bridger showing off the fish!!

Sam with the same fish!!

Family Pictures

In June we went up Logan Canyon and got our pictures taken. With a busy summer and now wanting to paint walls, we have yet to display them in our home. Please enjoy them here.

Bridger is our live wire 5 year old. If we could bottle up his energy we would be rich.

Smiling Sam is 3 and loves to smile.

McKenna is 18 months and lets her brothers know who is boss.

Nate & I celebrated 8 years in July!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"S A M spells Sam"

Sammy is Nate's little helper. The bathroom is getting remodeled right now and when there is a tool missing we ask Sammy and he knows exactly where it is. He also will get similar tools and try to do exactly what Nate is doing.
Sammy was too cute not to take his picture. He is always finding new positions to sleep in.

Sammy got dragged to every soccer game and played on the playground most of the time. He was so cold this time and he put Nate's gloves on his feet and McKenna's hat on his head. He is our 'Smiling Sam.'

Soccer or Football?

We signed Bridger up for soccer this year. The first couple of games he was a little confused as to what sport he was playing. From our perspective it looked like he was playing football. He would tackle and push the other team. He had some good man to man defense had it been football. After his second game we were able to help him understand the rules of soccer and he did tons better at just going for the ball. He is already asking me when he can play again.

He loved throwing the ball in, kicking the ball to start, and getting it for the ref.

When he was the defender we would help coach him.

It stopped snowing so he could play his game and then it snowed again that night. We all were freezing and were glad when it was over.

He was one of the smaller kids out there and not very fast.

He loved kicking the ball. We got one for him and he loves to kick it at home.